Some “firsts” at The Sharks:

The Sharks were the first South African rugby franchise to:

  • Implement a rugby injury prevention programme
  • Introduce “water boys” at matches
  • Start using an “ambulance” golf cart for transporting serious on field injuries
  • Offer a full complement of medical specialists at every match at the stadium (ie orthopaedic surgeon, plastic surgeon, neurosurgeon, general surgeon, cardiothoracic surgeon, anaesthetist, sports physician)
  • Introduce kinesiotaping at this level of rugby
  • Develop a system for auditing sports supplements in terms of quality, efficacy and contamination risk
  • Provide pre-match (and half time) cooling in a cold storage shipping container
  • Introduce managed healthcare principles to optimally manage medical costs
  • Wear a pink jersey to create awareness around breast cancer
  • Offer free medical and rehabilitation services to its Academy players