BackSmart is a programme that focuses on the strength and functionality of the back. It is primarily focused on activating the core (“powerhouse”) to ultimately help stabilize the body to move in all different planes (sagital, transverse, frontal). As we are active during the day, we do not operate on our backs, we walk, we run, we sit etc. thus the back must be able to hold the body up in those positions and therefore the core must be strong to help with the stabilization.

BackSmart is a medical service offering by Registered Biokineticists based on the science of Biokinetics.

BackSmart programmes focus on the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment or performance. Traditional exercise rehabilitation programs focus on static core muscle rehabilitation and strengthening.

In keeping with the advances in exercise science BackSmart programmes and methodology takes a functional approach so that through fun and supervised participation the overall ability and performance of a human body is improved. Lifestyle improves!

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